Tina Sandevska
3.5 Stars
'And then there were none' - my first Agatha Christie book!
Десет малки негърчета  - Теодора Давидова, Здравка Славянова, Agatha Christie
4.5 Stars
The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett

I remember I attempted to get into this book in early 2014 and failed miserably after about 20 pages—I don’t know what it was, but I guess it just wasn’t the right time for this book.


Eventually the right time did come and somehow, being under a lot of pressure at work and life in general, I unconsciously, through some weird instinct, picked up this little children’s book that helped me to regain my usually positive attitude towards life. If you feel like I did, give it a read; it might help you get back to your usual self again.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling, Jim Kay

Just got this as a belated birthday present from my colleagues. So many memories can come to life again thanks to these marvelous illustrations! I'm loving it!

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4 Stars
Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse - Chris Riddell

This book is absolutely amazing! I love Chris Riddell and the book as a whole is another masterpiece of his! Stunningly beautiful, super cute and an amazing children's story, I highly recommend and you give this a read.

Love in the Time of Cholera - Edith Grossman, Gabriel García Márquez

Happy Star Wars day! May the Fourth be with you!

Goodies I got today. Let's call it book haul #1
Frida - Bárbara Mujica The Stepford Wives - Chuck Palahniuk, Ira Levin Ojos De Perro Azul - Ojos De Perro Azul / Eyes of a Blue Dog The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay - Michael Chabon

I can't wait to get to these, I've been meaning to read them for so long!


Frida by Bárbara Mujica

ISBN: 9780452283039

Blurb: Narrated by Frida Kahlo's younger sister, Cristina, this haunting and powerful fictional account chronicles Kahlo's life, from a childhood shadowed by polio to the accident at eighteen that left her barren, from her marriage to larger-than-life muralist Diego Rivera through her tragic decline into alcoholism and drug abuse. Through it all, Cristina is her sister's intimate confidante -- and then her bitter antagonist when she has a not-so-secret affair with Rivera. A towering tale of love, jealousy, betrayal, and sibling rivalry played out on a teeming canvas, Frida captures the essence of a passionate, tormented, and ferociously gifted woman. It is a compelling and intensely human portrait of an artist who would become an enduring icon for generations to come.


The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

ISBN: 9781849015899

Blurb: The women of Stepford are not all that they seem...All the beautiful people live in idyllic Stepford, Connecticut, an affluent, suburban Eden populated with successful, satisfied hubbies and beautiful, dutiful wives. For Joanna Eberhart, newly arrived with her husband and two children, it all seems too good to be true - from the sweet Welcome Wagon lady to all those cheerful, friendly faces in the supermarket checkout lines. But just beneath the town's flawless surface, something is sordid and wrong - something abominable with roots in the local Men's Association. And it may already be too late for Joanna to save herself from being devoured by Stepford's hideous perfection.


Ojos de Perro Azul by Gabriel García Márquez

ISBN: 9789871138074

Blurb: Estos relatos tempranos de Gabriel García Márquez fueron escritos y publicados entre 1947 y 1955, aunque, como libro, Ojos de perro azul no aparecería hasta 1974 cuando el escritor ya había publicado otros dos libros de relatos y cuatro novelas, de las que la última, "Cien años de soledad", le proporcionaría su primer gran éxito internacional. 
En este libro se incluye su primer cuento célebre, el "Monólogo de Isabel viendo llover en Macondo", escenario de sus obras posteriores. El personaje de Isabel reaparecerá en su primera novela, y el tema de la lluvia cayendo interminablemente, en su personal versión del diluvio universal, acabaría integrándose suave y flexiblemente en "Cien años de soledad". Este relato, incluido en todas las antologías del cuento latinoamericano de nuestros días, fue la primera piedra de ese gigantesco edificio, tan imaginario como real, que terminaría fundando el espacio literario más poderoso de las letras universales de nuestro tiempo: Macondo.


The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon

ISBN: 9781841154930

Blurb: One night in 1939, Josef Kavalier shuffles into his cousin Sam Clay's cramped New York bedroom, his nerve-racking escape from Prague finally achieved. Little does he realise that this is the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and even more fruitful business partnership. Together, they create a comic strip called 'The Escapist', its superhero a Nazi-busting saviour who liberates the oppressed around the world. 'The Escapist' makes their fortune, but Joe can think of only one thing: how can he effect a real-life escape, and free his family from the tyranny of Hitler?

Michael Chabon's exceptional novel is a thrilling tight-rope walk between high comedy and bitter tragedy, and confirms his position as one of the most inventive and daring of contemporary American writers. In Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay, he has created two unforgettable characters bound together by love, family and cartoons.



Mister, life is swell
In a padded cell,
It'll chase those blues away:
You can trade your gloom
For a rubber room
And injections twice a day!

"Batman: The Killing Joke" by Alan Moore

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0.5 Stars
Pushing the Limits  - Katie McGarry

Something happened to me several nights ago, I must have been brain dead or drunk beyond humanly possible, because honestly, I don't know what I was thinking when I picked this up. There's only so much teen angst and drama I can handle; and to top it off, there it was:

'[…]she smelled like cinnamon and sugar fresh out of the oven.[…]'

Like somebody once said: Well, you know me. Bright ideas just pop into my head, and I keep thinking…Mrs. Lovett's meat pies are also fresh out of the oven, yet she doesn't go around annoying people with her melodramatic outbursts.

Destroy this book, let your cat use it for a bed, burn it, do whatever you want with it. Just don't waste time reading it. Better go watch Sweeney Todd and…have a little priest.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jun Asuga, Tim Burton
How Star Wars ruined my life: The beginning
How Star Wars ruined my life: The beginning
1.5 Stars
Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

I've been meaning to read something by Rainbow Rowell for a really long time, a year maybe, so when I finally had the chance to start from her very first book it didn't even take a second to consider. Honestly, this wasn't what I expected...

Let me start off by saying that I didn't even finish Attachments. I'm only rating it because I think I made it to somewhere around the middle, and according to my book this means I can rate it. Now, I've gotta hand it to Rainbow Rowell for two reasons: the whole chick-lit story told from the perspective of a male protagonist and the really believable friendship between women. Unfortunately, the girls' friendship (from what I read) was the only thing I could buy. The rest was just plain unbelievable and...meh. And while I did find the girls' friendship well-told and believable, I was completely unable to relate to them; I was so indifferent, I was just waiting for the next page and chapter and the moment when I'd finally start to care. Alas, no fucks were given for this story or any of its characters.

Maybe it was just not the right time for me to pick up this book, or I'm just not in the mood for something like Attachments; at the end of the day I'm kind of disappointed because somewhere deep down I really wanted to love and continue reading Rainbow Rowell's books. Ah well...

Attachments - Rainbow Rowell
Why was I expecting more of this?
Why was I expecting more of this?

For the past 10 minutes Barney has been staring at the cover of the book I am reading. What do you call that?