A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

So, it’s the year 2012, it’s 2300h on a workday and me and my friend Georgie are drinking whisky with just a little bit of coffee and milk, just so that we can call it Irish coffee and not sound like the complete winos that we are. We’re talking about movies because if was, after all, film fest time, and my friend Georgie says “We should go see A Clockwork Orange again” and I am like “Georgie, you bezoomny malchyk, we have never seen A Clockwork Orange”.

Anyways, being the avid reader that I am (yeah, right), I decide to buy the book first and, like, read it and then go to the movies with Georgie. Well, that didn't quite happen but I finally did it last night (the reading of the book I mean). Success in 2013!

This book…I don’t know. There is something so wrong with it that it makes it absolutely amazing. I really think it’s a must read, but honestly it made me sick a couple of times. That being said, I’m not sure I’ll see the move right after I've finished the book, although I’m really excited to find out how the book was translated into film.

"Amen. And all that cal."

(Btw, my friend’s name is really Georgie)