Fortunately, the Milk . . . - Neil Gaiman
After carelessly browsing to buy me a new bed all day on Sunday, I end up with no bed and three books (I have a rule, and three is a lucky number!). Imagine my surprise when I see Neil Gaiman's new book in a bookstore in Bulgaria only several days after it's publication--"This must be my lucky day", I say to myself, and snatch one of the two available copies. I immediately make some lame excuse to my friends about some stupid things I have to deal with, just so that I can go home and read the book and boy, did I love this tiny little read!

So now it's late on a Sunday night, you know, the time when responsible grown-ups usually mentally prepare themselves for the start of another work week and all that cal. Not me though...Me? I like to get drunk with a friend and passionately recommend that they read a children's book. A children's book filled with awesomeness, mind you...

Fortunately, the Milk... has adventure, action, it's funny and witty, filled with crazy references and Chris Riddell's illustrations freshly out of awesomeland! This little book will make your imagination go wild and will probably make you a little sad that there weren't many books like that when you were a kid.