This Man (This Man, #1) - Jodi Ellen Malpas
Dear God,

I know you can't give me back the time I spent reading this book, so please at least consider making me forget...

I don't intend to go into details about this...'book', since the only thing you can find in it are clichés. But let me tell you this: This read is a total waste of time. It is sheer stupidity to even consider reading it. Why? Well, because there is no story told. No plot. Nothing, guys. It's like I stole the diary of the author and skimmed through her sex fantasies. And they were not even sexy. Hell, not even slightly sexy.

But lets put the sex scenes aside (even though that's probably half of the text). The worst thing about me reading this shit is that my IQ was dropping by the second while reading it. Even skimming through the pages was insulting for my intelligence. The lack of plot would probably work, if you are writing a script for the porn industry. But if you want to write books and sell them as 'literature' to at least mildly intelligent people, you need to get working on actually coming up with and telling a story. If I am to use Malpas' words: 'I inwardly vomit.' I did while reading, and I do as I recall the bullshit I just read.

There is one last thing I would like to say: Dear author, I know you are self-published, but in future please ask somebody to proofread your work first.