The Replacement - Brenna Yovanoff
Mackie and his family live in a town where every so often a human child is taken from its crib and is replaced by something that resembles it not exactly human. Anyways, the replacements rarely survive because the human parents don't want to accept them over their taken children. But Mackie, being a replacement himself, is 16, how has he done it? Enter Emma and the relationship she has with her younger replacement of a brother.

Mackie realizes that not the love of his parents, but that of his sister Emma, is what has kept him alive all these years--the fact that she accepted him, never thought of him as something non-human or weird or undeserving, and loved him unconditionally. This reminded me a lot of the relationship I have with my own older sister and how she has loved me and supported me unconditionally when I was younger, and continues to do so although I'm already quite grown. This type of relationship, the one where no questions are asked when one of the people needs help or simply somebody to be there for them, this is what I saw in The Replacement. I really hope more people have the same bond with their siblings, as to me this relationship is one of the most valuable 'things' I've had my whole life. So yeah, I related to this book on this level, it made my stone-cold heart melt a bit with the memories of my sister covering for me all the time, and the fact that the story was set in a gloomy God-forsaken town filled with crazy people just made it all the better.