The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories - Tim Burton
This is me--a huge Tim Burton fan (or so I thought):

One day, while carelessly browsing the Internets, I came across a book that I had no idea existed. I couldn't believe my eyes and felt especially stupid when realization hit me: I must have been living under a rock in a God-forsaken place, as never before had I heard of this book:

Of course, as soon as I realized that I had to have this book, another realization hit bullseye: remember that God-forsaken place, the one where I lived under a rock? Yes, this book is not available anywhere in Bulgaria. This is where frustration got the better of me...

But I said to myself: "Fear not, Tina, for you have the power of the Internets and the credit card, and have been given upon birth the gift of patience--you shall order this book online from a country where Tim Burton's books actually exist!".

This is me now, loving my book and loving Tim Burton even more: