Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore
Halfway through this book I need defibrillation--I've already been damaged and cannot make it till the end.

But let me tell you this: Typically, I really appreciate the effort and focus of people who do everything they can to follow their dreams (people such as the author of this book). This is not the case, however, when it comes to killing people's brain cells with what is supposed to be literature, which also happens to be written in a way that makes English language run and scream for its life.

I do feel the need to point at least two of the reasons behind my humble opinion of this read.

1. Ember--Ember, oh dear Ember, what has life done to you? Were you buried in a cave? Under thick ice? On top of mount Everest? You are deluded and you make me feel funny (with all your stalking, blushing, tattooing-before-ever-had-sex-with-the-guy stuff...) and I don't think I could ever like you. EVER.

2. And Trace--why, oh why did you let your balls get surgically removed? I thought you were supposed to be a bad boy, an alpha-male, and yet you somehow managed to turn into this annoying teenage girl blabbering about these demons...

I kid you not, people, I can usually tolerate a lot of bull, but that book I could not stand and will not finish. Suffice to say that if it were up to me, I would never let this 'book' get published on paper...