Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas
I don't know if there was a deep hidden message in this book, you know, some kind of deep meaning that I didn't get. But if there were, I could only come to the conclusion that my brain isn't developed enough to comprehend the value of it.

Let me tell you what I do know. I now know why the author chose the name Beneath this man, and it's because this 'story' is about a man walking all over a girl's life, self-esteem and dignity and ripping every ounce of rational thought out of her head (and I don't mean it in the good way). This woman has literally put her life beneath her 'feelings' for this man, a man that deserves nothing else but to be left to rot in a pile of flesh-eating bugs.

Even though this book is completely plotless and filled with crappy dialogues, there is a great variety when it comes to humiliation and abuse. At the very beginning of the series we have this girl who is portrayed to be relatively normal--you know, she is young, she is fairly successful in what she does. Yes, she is out of a bad relationship, but haven't we all been like that at some point? Then this guy comes along and smashes everything for her. He literally takes her life away from her by dickmatizing her--he makes her a slave to the cock, girls, and you know it.

But it gets even better in Beneath this man. He is literally telling her how she is supposed to live her life. He wants her around him all the time, so that he can fucking control every damn second of her life. And if he were reading this, he would simply say 'Watch your fucking mouth!'

Now, probably every girl on this planet loves the alpha-male and/or the bad boy. Women just feel the need to be protected, you know--it's pretty natural and I accept it. What I cannot accept, however, is how on earth is it possible for women to like this book altogether. This is a book about a woman being ordered around, told and forced what to do, not about a woman who is loved. And if you still think that you are about to read a love story, you should simply get it out of your heads. This is not love; this is all about a girl becoming obsessed with a guy's dick. And even though a lot of Jesse's actions are explained through his supposed love to Ava, I cannot feel the love in the air. What I feel is a woman's desperation to be with a person who is manipulating her with sex. To be honest, I was very happy when she somehow grasped it at one point, but unfortunately this insight didn't last long.

I think that I could best describe this book by using the author's own words:

'My sanity is certainly questionable, but I'm sane enough to admit that. I was a normal, sound-minded girl. I definitely don't qualify for that anymore.'

To sum it up--no self-respecting woman that is sane, not under chemically induced coma or drugged should like this book. Because liking this book automatically means that you would enjoy going through all of the shit described in this book. Oh yeah, and then rate it 5 stars.