Easy - Tammara Webber
It was very hard for me to get excited about this book when I started reading it, and also took me a lot of willpower to continue reading until the very end. I found myself skimming through the better part of this book, so that I can simply get it over with.

I found the plot quite dull and the characters, if I am to put it mildly, not very exciting - if i have to be completely honest, the female protagonist is one of the most stupid and incomprehensible characters I've ever encountered in a book. At times I was literally considering beating my head agains the wall, wondering how a person could be that deluded. This girl probably killed a couple of thousand of my brain cells. And the Lucas guys...Seriously? How many books are there with the same guy in the cover and that name for the leading male character?! Sorry Lucas, even though you may be a good person and a good-looking guy, I couldn't quite fall in love with you. Perhaps you should ask the person who created you why...

I also totally hate the way the assault issue was treated and, at moments, I was like 'What the ****?!'. I'm sorry but...this is soooooo wrong. This is not how you handle serious issues like this in young adult books - this sets a bad example to young girls and should be completely out of the question. So, if you don't know how to write about this part of life, then don't. Just don't.

Easy? NO. This book was not easy - it was mind numbing.

That's it. I'm out - 1 star (even though I would have gladly given it 0 stars, if such an option was available).