Bonus Scene (Hopeless, #1.5) - Colleen Hoover
Ok, it appears that it will happen again. The same thing happened when I read Slammed and Point of Retreat, so let me just explain what I mean.

I really think Colleen Hoover has talent and I've enjoyed all of her books so far. Unfortunately, there is one thing that I especially don't like, and that's the alternative point of view. Don't get me wrong, I really like how Hoover portrays her female characters and how she tells stories through their point of view. But so far, each time the point of view is switched to the lead male's one, I feel disappointed. I was disappointed when that completely ruined my Will experience in Point of Retreat, and now that I've read this chapter through Holder's POV, I'm pretty sure this would happen again in Losing Hope. I know it must be really hard to write a single story from the POV of two different people, but the similarities (in their use of words, the way they build sentences) are just too many. Which makes me seriously wonder if I should read the next book. After all, I already have this image of Holder in my mind, and I'm pretty sure that reading about his thoughts in Sky's words won't do it for me.