In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley
I don't intend to point out similarities or differences between this and any other book available on the market. So if this is what you want to read, you might as well stop right now.

The story in this book has been told a lot of times, and the fact that the author uses a stereotypic flight attendant for her lead female simply makes it even easier for the reader to get into the whole BDSM stuff. You know how women love guys in uniforms? Well, men like uniforms too, and especially like uniforms that somehow express obedience. What I mean is that Bianca is a flight attendant. She is there to serve you, which is kind of a turn on for people like dominating James here.

It's perfectly fine that Bianca and James are so compatible when it comes to the whole sex part of their relationship, and I was actually relieved that this is not just another story about a dominant male who somehow manages to get a girl, who is totally not into this stuff, to submit and enjoy. What I loved, however, was the fact that the protagonist actually had backbone outside of the bedroom. She is portrayed as an independent female that stands her ground. The development of her character was interesting and sometimes funny. What I can say is that chick is sick in the head, but she nevertheless contemplates about her thoughts/desires, and she tries to explain them to herself and make a rational decision.

At the end of the day, I can say that I enjoyed In Flight, the whole atmosphere, the different relationships between the characters and the several funny moments that made me snort out a laugh. I do hope the author manages to keep up with herself in the following books.