Played: "Sometimes you never know who is playing who, until the damage is done." - Bad-Boy Storyteller
So this guy, Joshua Siconolfi, calls a live radio broadcast in Seattle, claiming that he is about to kill his wife for cheating on him. And apparently he does, on air. Enter Detective Bradley Cools--a 'top cop' that is already familiar with the twisted persona of Siconolfi and still remembers his previous acts of crime. A game of cat and mouse begins, the media is all over the place and it seems that Josh here enjoys every bit of attention he gets. Until finally he is held in custody. But get this: nothing is what it seems and apparently his supposed over-the-phone murder is only the beginning of Joshua and Cools's dance.

Played is a brilliantly written novel, unfolding the story, the events and their consequences from a lot of different perspectives. The use of both third- and first-person narration allows the reader to not only observe the events, but to also feel the emotions of the characters. Played is fast-paced, constantly keeping you interested, guessing what is about to happen next and who's playing who, all the way to its ending.